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Patent Registration in Madurai and Karur

Corpstore Business Solutions offers the best services for Patent registration in Madurai and Karur. Highly qualified expert professionals are here to offer you 24/7 customer support. Patents are governed by the Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972. It is an exclusive right granted to the patentee over his invention for a limited period of time. Through Patent Registration, the patentee will have all the rights regarding controlling, making, using, selling or importing patented product or process. After Registration, no one will be able to use the invention without the consent of the patentee. The basic Criteria for filing a Patent are:

  • Novelty
  • Inventive Step
  • Industrial Applicability
What can be patented in India?

The invention can be related to work, process, manufacturing, the machine related, computer software or any other kind of invention which has never been invented to the general public.

Why patent registration?
  • It an intellectual property which protects your invention and no one use it without your prior permission
  • Patent offers Protection for a period of 20 years in India
  • You can then utilize your invention yourself.
  • You can also stop others from using your invention without your permission
  • Patents are valuable one for small business and also helpful in expanding their market share.
Process of Patent Registration in Karur and Madurai

Step 1: Patent search- Patent search saves you from the effort of going through the year long registration process. You can stop if the patent is already registered.

Step 2: Patent domicile – Patents registered in India are only valid for India. For foreign countries you need to apply for a separate application in each country.

Step 3: File Patent application – An application should be filed with the department before disclosing all the details about your invention.

Step 4: Patent Review – The Patent office reviews your patent application and if they find your invention is unique and patentable, then they grant patent for the application.

Step 5: Patent Grant – Once the patent is granted, the application status is updated through online at the Patent site. It can take more than 6 months to 1.5 years for a patent certificate to be granted.


  • Q. Does Indian patent give protection across worldwide?
    No. Patent protection is a provincial right and therefore it is effective within the territory of India. There is no concept of global patent.
  • Q. Who can apply for a patent?
    The patent application can be made by first inventor or through his assignee, either alone or jointly with any other person. However, legal representative of any dead person can also make an application for patent registration.
  • Q. What are the types of applications?
    • Provisional application
    • Ordinary application
    • Convention application
    • PCT international application
    • PCT national phase application and so on.
  • Q. What are the provision in the Patents Act for early publication?
    Yes, the applicant can make request for early publication in Form 9 along with the prescribed fees.
  • Q. What are the conditions to be satisfied for an invention to be patentable?
    An invention should meet the criteria’s of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability for the grant of patent. Further, the subject matter of the invention should not be exclusion as contained in the act.
  • Q. Which filing system does India follow ‘first to file’ or ‘first to invent’?
    The Indian Patents Act follows ‘first to file’ system.
  • Q. What language is acceptable to the Patent office?
    The application must be filed in either English or Hindi. Translations of any priority documents in other languages are required to be submitted within 31 months. Further, it will be accepted later on.
  • Q. Is there any possibility to get software related patent?
    For a software to be patented you must fulfil the patentability criteria of being novel, non-obvious (inventive step) and industrial applicability. Also, it should not be fall under the category of non-patentable items etc.
  • Q. Why patent search is essential?
    Patent search is very important because every year, because the department receives many applications for patent registration. But some application gets rejected due to copied reasons.
  • Q. What is the validity for patent registration?
    Patent registration valid for 20 years from the date of filing. After that, it would fall under public domain.