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Digital Signature Certificate in Madurai & Karur

Corpstore is one of the prestigious business service provides Digital Signature Certificate in Madurai and Karur. DSC is issued by certifying authorities and it is secure digital key used for various online business transactions. DSC contains holder’s name, pin code and country, email address and also date on which it is issued. Notably, it is issued for 1 or 2 years and it has to be renewed after their validity is expired. An individual can have two DSCs – one for personal and the other for professional purpose. All digitally signed documents are acceptable as proof for legal purpose.

Who needs a DSC?

  • A vendor and a bidder
  • A Chartered Accountant
  • Banks
  • Director of a company
  • A Company Secretary
  • Other Authorized Signatories
 DSC Certificate in Madurai

Benefits of Digital signature certificate:

DSCs are effective tool in validating personal details of the certificate holder when he conducts business through online. The following are the benefits of DSC:

  • Reduced Time & Cost: The certificate holder no need to sign the physical documents and later scan them to send via e-mail. He can simply use the digital sign which saves time and cost. In addition, there is no need for the certificate holder to present physically to conduct his business.
  • Data Integrity: The document cannot be changed or altered, if it is digitally signed. So, the data is secured.
  • Authenticity of Documents: Since all the digitally signed documents cannot be changed, the receiver of documents is assured of their authenticity.

Types of Certificate

  • Only Sign: It could only be used for signing a document. It is widely used in signing PDF Files for the purpose of filing Tax Returns for usage as an attachment for Ministry Of Corporate Affairs or other government websites
  • Encrypt: It is used to encrypt a particular document. It is popularly used in tender portals to help a company encrypt a document before uploading it.
  • Sign along with Encryption: It is used for both signing and encrypting a particular document.

Types of DSC’s:

  • Class 1 DSC: The class 1 DSC’s are issued to individual and other private subscribers. It is used to confirm the name, e-mail and the contact details of the certificate holder.
  • Class 2 DSC: The class 2 is issued to the companies for the purpose of e-filing with the ROC. Notably, DSC class 2 is obtained by the individuals who have to sign manual documents while filing returns with Registrar of Companies.
  • Class 3 DSC: The class 3 DSC’s are issued for vendors who participate in online tenders and e-auction.

Documents required for Digital signature certificate:

Address Proof

The following documents to be submitted as a proof of address:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving License or Registration Certificate
  • Water Bill (Not older than 3 Months).
  • Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 Months)
  • Latest Bank Statements signed by the bank i.e. Not older than 3 Months
  • Service Tax/VAT Tax/Sales Tax registration certificate
  • Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt
Identification Proof

The following documents are accepted as an identity proof:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card of the applicant
  • Driving License
  • Post Office ID card
  • Bank account passbook containing the photograph with the signature of the applicant and attested by concerned bank official
  • Any Government issued ID card bearing the signature of the applicant