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Barcode Registration in Madurai & Karur

Corpstore provides barcode registration in major cities like Madurai and Karur. Experts professional are here to provide your full-guidance. Barcodes are machine readable codes in the form of numbers and parallel lines to identity and track products universally. Barcodes play a major role in supply chains, enabling retailers, manufacturers, and transport providers to easily identify and track products as they move through the supply chain.

GS1 is a non-profit, global entity that manages and standardizes those bar codes across India. In India, GS1 India was established in the year 1996 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Approximately two million companies across 20 industries such as Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Food, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics including Customs, Government etc. across worldwide are using the GS1 System of standards. Solubilis offers 24/7 customer support.

 Barcode Registration in Madurai

Why should I get my barcodes registered?

Barcode registration is optional, however getting barcode registered will help you to raise the profile of your product on the internet.

Once your barcode number and product details are registered on the major internet databases, then they will join to thousands of products already contained in the databases. After that, when someone does an internet search for your barcode or scans your barcode using their phone your barcode will be connected to your product.

Types of Barcode

Different applications requires different barcodes to hold different data. Barcode are majorly categorized into the following categories:

UPC family barcodes

It is instantly recognizable barcodes that are printed on virtually every consumer product in the world. This barcodes are widely used of all barcodes.

Data bar family barcodes

Data Bar barcodes are often used to label fresh foods. These barcodes can hold information like item’s batch number or expiry date, in addition to other attributes like weight.

1D barcodes

128 and ITF-14 are highly versatile 1D barcodes which enables items to be track products through global supply chains. The ITF-14 barcodes only can hold the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and it is suitable for printing on uneven materials.

2D barcodes

2D barcodes look like squares or rectangles that contains many small, individual dots. 2D barcodes are used in a wide range of industries such as from manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and healthcare.

Documents required for Barcode registration in Madurai and Karur

  • PAN Card of the company or proprietor PAN for a proprietorship firm
  • One copy of the Audited Balance Sheet
  • Company letterhead enlighten a request for barcode allotment
  • Any proof about the status of the applicant company such as:
    • GST registration certificate for Proprietorship firms
    • GST registration certificate or partnership deed for Partnership firms
    • GST registration certificate and ROC certificate or MOA for Private/public Ltd. company
    • GST registration certificate or Registrar of Society (ROS) certificate for other entities such as HUF, Registered Society etc.
    • Scanned copy of cancelled cheque of the company.