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Legal Metrology Certificate in Madurai & Karur

Solubilis offers Legal metrology certification in Major cities like Madurai and Karur. Legal metrology is the request of legal requirements to measurements and measuring instruments. Under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the sales or distribution of all packaged goods in India such as export goods, food products and consumer goods are required to obtain a Legal Metrology Certificate from the Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs in India

The nature of these registrations is very complicated and takes a lot of time and effort. For this reason, our Legal Metrology Consultants are very equipped to guide you through this process with their expertise and knowledge.

An importer of measuring instruments struggling to do business in the Indian market has to register itself to obtain the Certificate of Registration of Importer of Weights and Measures.

The application for registration is filed in schedule X under Rule 15 and obtained under section 19 of Legal Metrology Act 2009. Solubilis assist importers with new registrations as well as renewals of the existing license.

Legal Metrology registration can be applied in 3 capacities such as:
  • • Manufacturer
  • • Importer
  • • Packer

Why Does Your Business Need Legal Metrology?

The Legal Metrology Act defines certain rules and standards on selling and distribution of packaged goods. This act also covers import and export goods. To conduct your business operations in an efficient and smooth manner and also to establish consumer or buyer right protection, you need to follow the Act.

Basic requirements of Legal metrology:

Some of the basic requirements to sell and distribute packaged goods in an Indian Market are:

  • Unit of weight or measure
  • Base units specified
  • Unit of quantity
  • Reference standard
  • Transaction of goods
  • Product packing

Documents required for legal metrology certificate:

Every Trader who are applying for this registration should submit the following particulars:
  • Name of the Applicant
  • The complete address of the premises where pre-packing or import made.
  • The name of the commodity or the commodity under taking pre-packing or import.
  • The label containing the list of Directors or Partners or Details of proprietor of the commodity.
Mandatory details required for Packed or Repacked commodities:
  • The details of the manufacturer or Packer
  • The net quantity of weight, manufacturing month and year should be mentioned in number on the package
  • Also Mention the MRP (Maximum Retail Price)
  • The packaged commodity should be clearly marked with the net content on its predominant place.