Legal service providers in India for business registration

A service business is company that utilizes an expert or a gathering of experts to perform work or aid the consummation of a task to support its clients. The product of a service business is distinct from that of a retail establishment, such as a television, clothing, or food product. A service company gives a product that is for the most part comprised of person work and information to get done with the responsibility within reach.

In this blog let’s discuss, some of the services that require registration from legal service provider.

Private limited company

In India, this is one of the most well-known business structures. A private limited company is one in which a select few persons own the business and do not typically sell their shares on the stock exchange.

The corporate and income assets are kept separate in a private limited company. As a result, each shareholder is solely accountable for his or her proportion of the total capital.


The compliance of a limited liability company incorporates tracking financial transactions, board meetings and annual reports, and so forth.

Moreover, the total capital of the entity is comprised of shares and these shares can be sold/moved to another normal person who becomes one of the proprietors of the company that has private limited company registration in Karur after this transfer or share of shares.

Public limited company

A stock exchange allows the general public to participate in the ownership of a public company by freely trading the company’s shares.

The affairs are frequently regulated by the authorities through regular MCA filings due to the involvement of public funds.


  • For a public company registration in Madurai, seven members and three directors are required.
  • There is no upper limit on the number of members and
  • The maximum number of directors that can be appointed is 15.

When compared to other types of businesses, public companies with public limited company registration in Karur have the advantage of being able to easily raise capital because there are a large number of shareholders involved and the capital requirements are distributed among many shareholders.

A typical business venture can begin as a private limited company with a small number of members and a small amount of capital. As it grows, it can be scaled up to a public listed company so that its stakeholders can raise capital from general public.


The idea of One Person Company was presented in India by the Companies Act, 2013 before which the main extent of beginning a sole proprietor business was sole ownership and the company type of business was not open to a single owner.


  • A one person company can be drifted with a single shareholder and director. And can get OPC registration in Madurai.
  • However, the transferability of shares and the ability to raise funds are restricted for a one-person business.

Because the company is intended to be taken over in the event of the shareholder’s death or incapacity, a nominee is appointed in addition to the member or shareholder in a one-person company. This type of company can get OPC registration in Karur.


A new type of business organization known as a Limited Liability Partnership, LLP is an acronym.

It has low compliance costs and the flexibility of a general partnership in terms of internal structure while incorporating the characteristics of a partnership and body corporate.

It can get LLP registration in Madurai.


The following are the minimum requirements for incorporating a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP):

  • The LLP Act does not prohibit professionals from joining LLPs.
  • There is no minimum required capital for LLP registration in Karur.


A trademark is a legally registered mark that can differentiate one company’s goods or services from those of other companies.

An increasingly significant intellectual property right is the trademark. It is protected when trademark has trademark registration in Madurai.

Manufacturers can register their goods and services under a variety of trademark registration options in India.

A trademark can be a word, sign, symbol, or even a graphic that is used to distinguish a company, product, or service from competitors’ shares. This can have trademark registration in Karur.

For instance, a company name, product name, or logo.

The consumer or buyer can easily identify, purchase, and enjoy products and services based on their particular characteristics and quality, as promised by the trademark’s owner, by registering the trademark.

The brand name helps in showing the beginning of product or services or seller and helps the clients or purchasers to recognize the result of one producer from the result of others.


A patent is a government-granted right to prevent others from using, manufacturing, and selling an invention for a specific period of time. They can also get a patent registration in Madurai if their previous invention is improved.

The principal aphorism to establish patent regulation is to urge creators to offer more in their field by granting them restrictive privileges for their developments.

The right granted to an inventor for his invention of any new, useful, non-obvious process, machine, manufacturing article, or material composition is commonly referred to in modern terms as the patent.

Uses of patent rights

  • A patent is a way to safeguard an idea or invention. Whether the patent proprietor is a legal entity or an individual.
  • They will reserve the option to prohibit others from involving their development however long the patent is substantial.
  • At the point when you get patent registration in Karur, you can prevent others from utilizing your innovation without your express approval. Just the inventor might apply for a patent.


All other indirect taxes on goods and services have been replaced by the Goods and Services Tax, or GST. Service tax, VAT, and other similar taxes, a single GST with GST registration in Madurai is charged on the value of Goods and services.

Different kinds of goods and services are subject to varying GST rates. However, there are instances in which no GST is charged. Non-application of GST is called GST exemption. Certain businesses, products, and services qualify for this exemption.


  • For small taxpayers, the Composition Scheme is a simple and easy GST scheme that allows them to avoid GST formalities and pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.
  • Small taxpayers who do not make inter-State supplies and whose turnover is less than the limit can choose this scheme.
  • India’s tax-to-GDP ratio has increased as a result of the GST, which aids in long-term growth and economic efficiency.
  • The GST that has GST registration in Karur has created a unified national market and uniform tax law.

Income tax

The term “income tax” alludes to a sort of tax government’s force on income organizations and people within their jurisdiction create.

In order to determine their tax obligations, taxpayers are required by law to submit an income tax return each year.

Governments collect revenue from income taxes. They are used to pay for government obligations, provide goods to citizens, and fund public services. Thus income tax registration in Madurai is important.

Income taxes are levied by a lot of states and local governments in addition to the central government.

Uses of paying income tax

  • Interest earned by senior citizens who are Indian citizens will not be subject to taxation.
  • This benefit is also available to extremely elderly individuals who do not have medical insurance.
  • Thus income tax registration in Karur is crucial.


Employee State Insurance is abbreviated as ESI. A scheme is managed by the independent power of Employee State Insurance Corporation to offer different medical as well as money related advantages to representatives.

This sector comes under of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. For the benefit of your employees, your company must have ESI registration in Madurai if it has more than ten employees and pays a maximum of Rs. 15,000 per month.

Uses of ESI

  • Starting on their first day of work, a registered ESI member is entitled to full medical care and insurance. Under this scheme, the worker’s family is also covered.
  • Leaves from work can be profited for as long as 91 days out of every year with 70% of your month to month compensation
  • Thus ESI registration in Karur is important.


The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act), a consolidated law governing food safety and regulation in India, established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

FSSAI registration in Madurai ensures that food products are subjected to quality checks, preventing food adulteration and the sale of products.

Uses of FSSAI

  • It guarantees increased customer satisfaction.
  • It ensures that no legal issues arise, allowing the business to thrive, and it builds trust with the intended customer.
  • Having a license can legally benefit the food industry, improve its reputation, guarantee food safety,
  • Also FSSAI registration in Karur raise consumer awareness, and aid in business expansion. It also ensures business growth and increases revenue.


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization that creates standards to guarantee products, services, and systems’ quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Uses of ISO

  • Companies promote their ISO certification in Madurai in promoting, on their site and, surprisingly, on a standard external their structure.
  • Obtaining ISO certification will support your marketing efforts and assist in increasing sales.
  • Because it is a quality management system that is recognized on a global scale. In point of fact, ISO certification in Karur is a requirement for many large businesses’ suppliers.
  • And if you want to enter foreign markets, certification can be especially important.


India is a market with numerous opportunities that will assist you in increasing your profits. With the Make in India drive and other Government approaches, there will be simplicity of carrying on with work which will draw in business visionaries to lay out their business in India.

Additionally, the policies of the Indian government will assist businesses in gaining and expanding their global market.

The government of India has also supported this trend by digitizing the procedures for registering a business in the country. In recent years, there has been a trend for businesses that can be successfully operated across an infinite number of digital and online platforms. We Solubilis are the best service providers with a strong team of experts.