Trademark Registration in Madurai

A trademark registration can be defined as a unique identity that sets your product or service apart from the rest. Unique identities or expressions can be logos, photographs, slogans, words, sounds, smells, color combinations or graphics. Most of the businesses only look for logos or name registrations. If you come up with a unique idea or logo, then the only way to protect it as your own unique identity is to register it as a trademark. A registered trademark is the intellectual property or intangible property of your business. It acts as a protective cover for a company’s investment in a logo or brand.

In India, the regulators of trademarks, patents, designs and trademarks are registered by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India. You can register a trademark under an act called the Trademark Act, 1999. Registration provides the right to sue others who try to copy your trademark. Also, no one else will be able to use the same trademark for a registered person. Once you register a trademark, you can use the R symbol with it, and it will be valid for 10 years from the date of registration. You can easily get within 3 days. But, to get, it takes 2 years. If the trademark registration in Madurai is nearing an expiration date, you can always re-register it for another ten years.

Procedures of trademark registration:

Trademark Registration in Madurai

Step 1: Trademark Search

Many entrepreneurs do not understand the importance of trademark discovery. Having a unique brand name in mind is not a good reason to avoid trademark search. So, trademark search helps you to know if there are similar trademarks available, and it gives you a fair picture of where your trademark is; sometimes, it even gives you a precedent for the possibility of a trademark judgment.

Step 2: File a trademark application in India

Once you are sure that your chosen brand name or logo is not list in Trademark Registry India, you can choose to register the same. The first step is to file the trademark application form on the Trademark Office Fees of India. An official receipt is  issued for future reference. Next, you can immediately see the trademark registration in Karur status of your application online.

Step 3: TM Exam

Trademark Registration in Karur

After submitting the trademark registration in Madurai application, it is checked by the examiner for any discrepancies. The exam can take about 1-2 months. The examiner may accept the trademark in full, conditional or .bject.

 the trademark display  in the Trademark Journal. If unconditional acceptance is not accepted, the conditions or objections to be fulfilled will be mentioned in the examination report, and the objections will be given one month to respond or respond.

Once such feedback is accepte, the trademark publish in the Trademark Journal. If, at the hearing, the examiner feels that the trademark should allowe to register, he proceeded to publish it in the trademark journal.

Step 4: TM Publication

The publishing step include in the trademark registration in Bangalore process so that anyone who objects to the trademark registration has the opportunity to object. If, four months after publication, there is no protest, the trademark proceeds for registration. If there is an objection there is a proper hearing, and the registrar makes a decision.

Step 5: Certificate of registration

Once the application has proceed for trademark registration, after publication in the trademark journal, a certificate of registration is issue under the seal of the trademark office fee.

Step 6: Trademark renewal

The trademark will continuously renew every ten years. Therefore, your logo or brand name registration can be secured forever.

Benefits of trademark registration:

Trademark Registration in Karur

Exclusive rights:

The proprietor of a registered trademark has the right of choice over the trademark. The proprietor application can use the same for everything that falls under the submitted class (AS). Moreover, the proprietor may enjoy sole responsibility for the trademark and secures others from discrediting the use of the trademark under the same category as it is registered. Trademark Registration in Karur gives you the benefit of taking action against a discredited client of a trademark registered.

Builds trust and understanding:

The reputable excellence of your goods and services is known by everyone through trademarks and that builds recognition and understanding among customers in the market. It helps to create loyal and permanent customers who will depend on the same brand.

Product varies:

Makes it easier for customers to find your goods. It makes your product or service unique, it is not like contemporary and expect contenders and proceeds as an effective promotional tool. A logo can give your vision, quality or a kind of mark for your organization and any organization.

Identification for product quality:

It provides an identity for the value of a product or service. Customers associate the quality of service or product with the brand name and this picture is create about the nature of a particular brand in the market which helps in drawing new clients as they can differentiate the quality of product or service through logos.

Asset creation:

A list of trademarks creates intellectual property for an organization. A trademark registration in Madurai has create a privilege that can sold, assigned, franchised or financially contracted. In addition, the trademark is an invisible asset that gives the association a preferred advantage.

Symbol used:

When there is a list of trademarks, you can indicate using the logo on your logo that it is a registered trademark and no one will be able to use the same trademark. It prefers the use of a wide range of uses, such as rights. In the event that another person uses the trademark, at that time, if you in the trademark list, you can also sue the gathering in the same way.

Safety against infringement:

No competitors or other persons may use the logo you have registered under the trademark. It may be that, regardless of whether someone uses it without the support of the trademark owner or uses it in a misleading way, the Proprietor may take action under the Act .

Defence for 10 years for a minimum cost:

Online trademark registration in Karur practicality is done at low maintenance costs. When you register a trademark, you only need to pay the defence costs and renewal costs that are 10 years after the trademark is registered. It is costly and enables your organization to create a one-of-a-kind identity.

Global Trademark Registration:

If one needs to register a trademark in a country other than India, the trademark registered in India can use as a basis for registration there. For anyone wishing to expand outside India, a trademark registered in India can provide a good basis with the goodwill established in the country.

Draw HR:

Popular brands attract young talents. Moreover, the young brain wants to join the big brands because it runs as far as the head honcho. It promotes a positive picture of the pay and thus, the applicants are effectively draw towards them. This reduces the cost of recruitment and related exercises.

The benefits of trademark registration outweigh the amount invested in registration. Its honour cannot be determined financially at the present moment, yet the market given by the registered trademark is consider to play a major role in the growth of the business. Thus, before anyone else registers, apply for trademark registration in Madurai at most points.

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