Goods and Service Tax is a common tax imposing in India. The objective of this tax is to have unifing tax in India. Before these taxes was several like VAT, Educational tax etc. GST is being introducing to comprising several other taxes. The arms of GST will be extending until Goods, Services and Consumers prevailing. GST registration in Madurai says the percentage is 17 to 18% of tax is gaining by the Government. Accounts and records has been maintaining is important in GST. And this accounts and records maintaining begins from Invoice. So let us see how Invoice can be creating.


This Invoice can be raising when the product is transporting from one place to the other or when product is delivering to the warehouse, or the agent. If any of the price is mistakenly entering or if any tax is imposing wrongly then revised tax invoice can be delivering. If any of the goods produced by the producer returning back to him then the revised invoice can be given. The Invoice serves as mother document. Because the goods may transporting from producer to the customer like it goes from producer, then it will be transporting and finally to the consumer.


 So three invoices must be raising. If you are the service providing then two copies of invoice are enough. GST registration in Madurai is explaining what are the details must the invoice containing. Firstly the shipping address, along with GSTN has been mentioned. Also the address and the GSTN of the producer must be mentioned in the Invoice. The GST, like state GST, central GST or if your product is being transporting to union territory then UTGST is mentioned. And also the total amount is mentioned. Also it contains Name, serial no of the invoice, date of the invoice, Billed to address, shipping to address. The invoice must be signed. Signature is mandatory.


Also readers may have doubt whether any discount is given how the GST is granting. GST registration in karur explains this. That if you are selling a product for Rs.500 and for the particular customer you are giving a discount of Rs.100 then the GST will be calculating for the amount RS.400.So the rate must be mentioned , the discount and the GST is involving like CGST,SGST or UTGST will be calculating for the RS.400 only and the final amount is mentioned. Invoice is also calling as Destination Based Tax and this is an important aspect in GST.


The threshold for hill stations is 10lakh.Such special states in India are Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, and Utharghand. This threshold varies in cities. GST registration in Madurai and Central Board of excise and custom helping in registering the GST in GSTN. If you are doing inter-state business but you don’t have turnover Rs.21 lakh then also you have to registering the GST. Even if it is small amount GST registering is mandatory. GST registration in Madurai says even if turnover is below Rs.21 lakh then you may voluntarily registering GST then input tax benefit is available, production cost will be less then optimum utilisation of materials and time is gained. Also ecommerce traders must be registering and state wise registration is also done. Separate GSTN is generating.


Many people are worying whether the GST implementing common people especially the farmers. Because the tractor used in farming also includes GST. But GST registration in karur says before the implementation of GST the tractors were bought with excise duty and VAT. In this the VAT was known but ED so called excise Duty was hidden. But now the GST comprising of the ED and VAT and the rate is clearing seen. The ED was with the dealer and the cost was high. But because of GST everything is obvious. It has avoided cascading effect in tax.


GST registration in Madurai gives the recent update on GST.And The Corona virus outbreak is spreading wide waves in economy of the world. Also in India in which the Central Minster of Finance has announcing the deadline for filing GST return to June30 due to Corona outbreak. No late fee, penalty and interest will be charging for companies with turnover 5 crore. If the company’s turnover is more than five crore it has within fifteen days of filing of GST return the late fee, penalty and interest are avoiding.IN Addition GST registration in Madurai states the major benefits of GST with an example.


That is if a car was manufacturing in India the spare parts like iron would be bought from Jharkhand state which is in North India with CST was paid. CST means Central States Tax and even after the manufacturing of the car is be transporting from Jharkhand to other states and same CST was paid. And the CST was adding to the consumer only. So it was like tax over tax. When GST is being introducing to abolish this negative effect. GST registration in karur also saying the black money can be eradicating. Since you attach your PAN the transactions made through Bank will be known for the Government and nobody can be evading from paying tax.


Some are curious if same percentage of tax is paying uniformly in the country it will be good. NO if you buy toothpaste or a big luxurious car both will have same percentage of GST every citizen will be affecting. That is why GST registration in Madurai states separate tax percentage for the goods are determining. GST 5 %, GST 12 %, GST 18% and GST 28% are the varying GST percentages determined by the GST council .


The economic is growing in India is now 7 %. When GDP is raising the percentage will be high as 2%. So there will be 9% increasing in nation’s economic growth. Since the details of the income tax returning available in online the corruption can also be eradicating. Mostly the interacting with GSTN. So there is no chance of bribing and payment has been made online. Most of them are producing from Gujarat, Maharashtra and TamilNadu. These states has consumption based tax. If there is appearing any loss the Government compensates. GST registration in Madurai says these are the actual effecting of GST

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