The company registration in Madurai is an important aspect in running the business. Only if the company is registering by the concerning laws the goodwill is ensured for the company. Also the trustworthiness of the company is establishing among the public. The company registration in Madurai surveyor colony helps in getting your company registered under all the norms, laws, rules and regulations of the Government. Many start-ups and many of the public and private companies should be registered. All companies are registered under companies Act 2013. The company registration should take the following into account. They are the number of founders, name selection, documents collected, the capital requirement and the office in which the business takes place.


The company registration in Madurai surveyor colony says that the founders are important and selecting them is an important aspect in forming the company. Without funding the company cannot be started. So proper funding is required. Then the documents must be provided. The documents include identity proof like Aadhar card, voter ID, PAN card, address proof and the passport size photo. The company registration in Madurai says that additional documents are also needed. It includes the ownership proof, rental agreement, NOC are also needed. Through offline or online the registration is possible. When you have to apply in online registration, you should need DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).


When the company is registered, it looks like separate legal entity in the eyes of law. The liability is limited. When the liability is limited, if there happens any loss the personal assets are not touched. The company registration in Madurai says that there is possibility for perpetual succession. If any of the directors is dead, the succession is passed. The life of the company does not come to an end. Also it is easy to raise all the possibilities to get the foreign investment. The shares can be transferred freely and easily. They simply have to file and transfer the files regarding the shares.


The company incorporation in Madurai says that the following steps should be used to register the company. You have to obtain the Digital Signature Certificate. The DSC is issued by the Certifying Authority. The provided DSC is valid from 1 to 2 years. Obtaining the DIN (Director Identification Number) is another important aspect. Then you should file for the name approval. In this fat growing world, some quick methods can be introduced. The SPICe form is introduced. With that you may reserve the company name, apply PAN, TAN, and apply the DIN. Also the MOA and AOA can be produced either in the form of electronic or as physical documents. The company incorporation in Madurai says that when the directors or the subscribers are foreign nationals, they should produce the passport, address proof, resident card statement and the bank statement are also to be produced.



The blog also discusses about the types of the companies. They are Private limited company, public limited company, unlimited company, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), Cooperatives, One person Company, subsidiary company.

Private limited company

The private limited company has minimum of two Directors. The name itself says it is private. So the public should not be invited to its share capital. The minimum share capital is Rs.1 Lakh and even more. It always does not allow the shareholders to transfer the shares.

Public limited company  

The public limited company invite the public to invest and to have the shares. The management is very transparent in public limited company. The number of members should be 7. The share capital should be minimum Rs.5 lakh.

Sole proprietorship

The word itself says that the entire business is managed by one person. He should bear all the losses and the profit. And also there is no separate law.

One person Company    

The one person company in which the name implies, that the number of member is only one who start the company. In this modern era where everything is possible, you may need not to choose any other person to start the company. The law allows you to begin a business when you can do enough funding. If the profit exceeds the amount Rs. 2 Crore the One person company can be converted into private limited company.

LLP(Limited liability partnership)

The limited liability partnership is now going on so that if any of the Directors involve in wrongdoings the other partner cannot be held. Also it does not get terminated by death or by the insolvency. Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 governs the LLP firm.


Co-operative means group of people working together. They work together for the promotion of interest of the members. There is no restriction for entry and the exit of any of the members. They group to form the voluntary organisation. It is operated by Co-operative Societies Act 1912.

Subsidiary company

In India, when there is 100 percent of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), is permitted, in that place the wholly owned subsidiaries are formed.


The partnership firms allow the partners to join the hands and to form the business. Both the partners should be ready to share all the profit and loss together. It is governed by the Partnership Act 1932. There exists the general partnership in which the partner’s properties and the debts are held responsible. You should have many investors into this type of the partnership firm. Otherwise starting the partnership firm is not the best choice. But usually it can enjoy the tax benefits.


The partnership firm and the related deed should consider how the interest of ownership can be sharing, who and how the decisions can be made and if any of the partner withdraws or if any of the partner dies how much money will be given as share and when the money will be given as shares. After the registration you should, display the Company Incorporation Certificate CIN and it should be followed by the appointment of auditors. Also GST and Trademark registration should be done.

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