Trademark Registration in Madurai

Trademark registration in India is intellectual property protection from Company name, symbol, figure, letter, word, logo, number, phrase, picture, packaging, formula or any combination thereof.

A trademark is a distinctive signal that is able to distinguish the goods and services of one business from the business of another. Businesses adopt trademarks not only to identify and distinguish their goods and services from others but also to indicate the source of their origin from that business.

A trademark / logo is a special sign that identifies certain goods or services as being produced or provided by a particular person or enterprise. The origins of ‘trademarks’ go back to ancient times when artisans recreated “marks” on their signatures or their artistic or utilitarian products. Over the years these marks have evolved into today’s trademark system. This system helps customers identify and purchase a product or service because its nature and quality, as indicated by its unique trademark, meet their needs.

Registration of trademark parts


If you are a proprietor with claims of exclusive use on a trademark, then you can apply separately to the registrar for trademark registration in Madurai. This can happen even before the company is established. Once the company is operational, the company established by the proprietors can start using the separate properties simultaneously or independently.

Associated trademarks

Where a trademark or its parts are registered as a separate trademark but under the same owner’s name, they may be registered as a trademark. The following conditions are required to use these associated trademarks.

The same goods that are exchanged or traded should be by business

Trademarks must be registered in the name of the same owner

The marks are either identical or have a close resemblance to such a nature that the third person using them creates confusion.

How company applies for trademark registration in India?

Details specified in your application – A company may apply for trademark registration in Karur in its own corporate name. The nature of the registration, the inclusion of the country and the law under which the company is registered must be mentioned in the trademark application. With approval, the director can sign and submit the application

Searching for a company name trademark – Before finalizing a trademark name or logo, a similarity check can be made. Attorney Search also offers free trademark search services. This can help you better prepare your trademark application and avoid processing delays.

Specifying the proper classification of goods – The company should specify the goods and / or services for which registration is sought in the terms appearing in the international classification as published. Incorrect classification can lead to a loss of time and additional corrective filings are required. So, this is a crucial step.

Submit supporting documents – This will include filing color and black and white copies of your trademark. Additional documents such as power of attorney, proof of payment of application fee. Next, functional details of the use of marks may be required.

Significance of Trademark


Trademarks protect your brand and provide tools to prevent someone from going to the back of your business. Trademarks are able to distinguish one person’s goods or services from others and include the shape of the goods, their packaging and the combination of colors. Let us know more important reasons for trademark registration in India.

Valuable assets

A registered trademark can prove to be a valuable asset to your company / business. This wealth continues to appreciate over time. The value of trademarks automatically scales as your business grows over time. So, if the business grows, the trademark also grows in value.

Protect your brand

Registered trademark establishes ownership over brand, name or logo. It protects your brand from any unauthorized use of third parties. A registered trademark proves that the product is entirely yours and that you have the exclusive right to use, sell and modify the brand or goods in any way you wish.

Provides uniqueness to the brand

Unique and distinct brands must register because every business needs a brand or logo that sets your brand apart. Therefore, a registered trademark gives your brand a unique identity.

Easy communication tool

Yes, trademarks can be an effective and easy communication tool. They speak for themselves. Registered trademarks can easily identify which brand your product belongs to.

Easy to find customers

Registered trademarks make it easier for customers to find a product. Because it is an effective tool and specialized in identification can be easily found and customers can reach your product.

Trademark is forever

Once registered the trademark can last indefinitely. Trademarks registered by any pay firm remain with them forever. Yes, trademark registration will renew every 10 years. However, the identity given to that brand remains forever.

Trademark attorney

Trademark Attorney India are said to offer a wide range of services ranging from trademark selection to registration and application of the selected trademark.So that it is not infringed by others. However, choosing a trademark for a business can be a daunting task. Some trademark signs are rejected every month for obvious reasons. It would be wise to have a licensed and reputable trademark registered attorney who will ensure that such matters do not occur in this case.

The registration trademark is considered to be a specific area of ​​law with special requirements, which is somewhat different from other branches of law. As a result, the service needs to be hired from individuals who are qualified, certified, knowledgeable and well versed in a variety of programs.

An attorney is the right person to help you choose a trademark for a business. It ensures that there are better chances for the select trademark to be approve by the concerned authorities. It will recognize that all trademarks list in the abbreviation are identical to or identical to other symbols that are similar to those already registered. The full appearance of the mark of the process is review by him.

It will thoroughly analyze the selected trademark, minimizing the possibility of rejection. Also, it ensures that the select trademark is not infringe by others and is exclusive.

It will introduce a trademark application by providing valuable tips and suggestions regarding intellectual property.

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